Shows / Tour


March – Wooozy Sessions #10 w/Astrofuck, Feima, and SVRO, Yuyintang Shanghai
May – Acoustic Alliance w/ The Horde, 390 Shanghai
May – Shanghai Pop Up Art/Music Show w/Himdong, Xiao Zhong, and Reykjavictim, Uptown Records, Shanghai
May – Sinan Mansions Beer Festival, Shanghai
June – Souvenirs Album Release Party w/ Duck Fight Goose, Yuyintang Shanghai
June – Zang Nan Recordings presents: Goodbye Shanghai w/20 shanghai bands and artists, Yuyintang Shanghai

March – A free sunday evening show at Uptown Records, Shanghai
March – JUE Festival Presents: Rainbow Danger Club w/ Friend or Foe and Fuzzy Mood – 2Kolegas, Beijing
May – Modern Sky Strawberry Festival – Shanghai
May – 2nd Annual Picnic  – Yuyintang Shanghai
May – Twin Horizon DIY Shanghai T-shirt Launch (acoustic show) – Uptown Records, Shanghai
May – Zang Nan Presents: The Noise Revival Orchestra (USA) – Shanghai, Yuyintang
June – Boys Climbing Rope’s Last Waltz w/ a million bands – Shanghai, Yuyintang
June –  School’s Out w/ Bigong Bijing, Girls Like Mystery, and Heatwolves

July – Aug 2012 USA TOUR

July 06 – Austin, TX (Lambert’s)
July 07 – San Antonio, TX (Limelight)
July 08 – KVRX Radio Show
July 17 – Boston/Somerville, MA (Precinct)
July 19 – Brooklyn, NY (Spike Hill)
July 20 – Manhattan, NY (Living Room)
July 21 – Philadelphia, PA (The Fire)
July 24 – Richmond, VA (The Camel)
July 26 – Chapel Hill, NC (The Cave)
July 27 – Columbia, SC (New Brookland Tavern)
July 28 – Charlotte, NC (The Evening Muse)
Aug 01 – Chicago, IL (Whistler)
Aug 02 – Madison, WI (The Frequency)
Aug 03 – MInneapolis, MN (400 Bar)
Aug 04 – Sioux Falls, SD (Boonie’s BBQ)

September – Modern Sky Records Presents Streets Kill Strange Animals – Yuyintang
November – Rocksgiving Charity Event w/The Horde, Scary Magic and Girls Like Mystery @ Yuyintang

February – Zang Nan Presents: Free College show w/Boys Climbing Ropes, X is Y, and Pairs – Live Bar, Shanghai
March – “Where Maps End” CD Release Party – Live Bar, Shanghai
March – JUE Festival presents The Black Atlantic (Belgium) – Yuyintang, Shanghai
April – 1st Annual Picnic – Yuyintang Shanghai
May – Zang Nan Presents: a Night of Comedy and Horror w/Stegosaurus, Ann, Dudettes, Ho Tom, The Horde and Kungfu Komedy – Yuyintang, Shanghai
June – Shanghai: The Gathering w/Dudettes, Moon Tyrant, Stegosaurus, X is Y – Vox, Wuhan
September – Black Rabbit Music Festival – Beijing
September – Black Rabbit Music Festival – Shanghai
October – Modern Sky Strawberry Music Festival – Zhenjiang
October – Friend or Foe’s “Claw is Never Limp” CD Release Party – Yuyintang, Shanghai
November – BEAN’s Rocksgiving w/ Boys Climbing Ropes, The Horde, and Next Year’s Love – Yuyintang, Shanghai
December – Terrible Show with really nice people at The Sino-European College – Shanghai
December – Booshkabash Festival presents The French Horn Rebellion (USA) – MAO Livehouse, Shanghai

January – Good Jive #2 w/ Duck Fight Goose, The Fever Machine, Beat Bandits and Pairs
April – Stegosaurus CD Release Party w/a million bands
May – JUE Festival Presents The Inspector Cluzo (France) – Yuyintang, Shanghai
May – TFM and Friends w/ The Fever Machine, Pairs and X is Y
June – Split Works presents Lymbyc System (USA) – Codespace, Hangzhou
June – Random Show w/ Break for Borneo, The Dudettes, and Thruoutin – Yuyintang Shanghai
September – Performing as “The Academy of Gentleman Scientists” w/ Tea ‘n’ Eggosaurus and a guy playing the Chapman Stick
October – TFM and Friends w/ The Fever Machine, Duck Fight Goose and Instigation – Yuyintang, Shanghai
November – BEAN’s 1st Annual Rocksgiving Charity Concert w/Duck Fight Goose, Boys Climbing Ropes and Friend or Foe – Lune, Shanghai

June – First Ever Show – Harley Bar, Shanghai, Shanghai
September – Second Ever Show w/DJ Boss who never showed up – Harley Bar, Shanghai
Fall and Winter – A bunch of free random shows at (old) Live Bar, Shanghai
October – Layabozi presents: Culture Clash w/Duck Fight Goose, Dovetail Joints, Boys Climbing Ropes, and Weghur
December – Good Jive #1 w/ Duck Fight Goose and Attractive Rootine – Yuyintang, Shanghai

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