With riveting, epic melodies that soar and patter along majestically, Rainbow Danger Club manages to effortlessly skirt the line between beauty and ugliness, light and dark, innocence and depravity...they never cease to amaze audiences with their grandiose musicality and adeptness at crafting songs that don't seem to leave your head." - The Guardian (UK)

Days 8-10: Richmond and Chapel Hill


We left DC on Tuesday afternoon to play a show in Richmond, Virginia. After checking into Days Inn, eating tacos at Tio Pablo and buying cigars at Richmond Cigar Factory, we arrived at the venue to find that tonight’s show would include 5 bands and start at 9pm. This is a Tuesday mind you. That kind of ticked me off! What was the venue thinking? Attendance was not too great and we had to cut our set to only 20 minutes cuz it was running late. So Rainbow Danger Club, a band coming from half a world away and paying money to stay at a hotel, plays for 20 minutes while the local noise two-piece starts late and plays 40 minutes. I don’t blame the bands, it was just poor planning and it felt like no one was really in charge of the event. I think mid-week events should start right after Happy hour. Very few folks want to stay out tuesday night till 2am!

All that said, the Camel was actually an awesome restaurant/venue with a great staff, soundguy, and the bands got half-priced food and drinks (which is better than the free Natty Light and PBR most venues offer).  I got sweet potato fries with roasted red pepper ketchup and some gluten-free beers…yummy! We also befriended another touring instrumental band called Hail to the Titans from Montgomery, Alabama who I think must get some inspiration from Russian Circles and Tomahawk. Furthermore the local acts (Pastoral, Letters as Numbers, and Arabia Terra) didn’t take any door cash for themselves and kindly split it between the two touring bands. That was a really nice gesture and if they are reading this, thank you again!


Next up in the south was Chapel Hill, a small college town in North Carolina. We arrived a day before the gig to meet up on a farmhouse with our hosts the Fricke-White family which included Becky, Lance, son Zack, two dogs Skeeter and Mattie, 3 cats with names I forgot (i’m allergic so didn’t form any kind of bond), and a horse! Two days were spent sitting on the front porch drinking, grilling, and jamming with Zack on the family’s large collection of instruments. I got to record some banjo parts for an upcoming RDC track and Jesse recorded some slide guitar demos too.

Oh yeah, the gig. It was in the basement-like bar called the CAVE which actually looks like a cave. We had a good write-up in the local independent rag, The Independent. But this was a thursday and a very popular indie band, Stars from Montreal, was playing a much bigger venue just down the road! So I think we lost the hipster/college crowd that might have come to our show on a chance. However, we did get a decent crowd that came to see the first band and stayed for us and even a few old friends from the area! The show was free, but we got a decent amount of cash from merch and donations. About 50% of the people that see our shows are buying merch, so I consider that a success. That night after the gig, we went back to the farmhouse and had a midnight swim before hitting the hay. What a great day.

love, nichols

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Days 4-7: New York, Philadelphia and DC

We left Cape Cod and drove out to New York City. We stayed with Corayer’s sister in the upper east side. After dropping off our luggage we went straight to Spike Hill in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. There, we caught up with a lot of our American friends. I was lucky enough to catch the early set by the Knoxville band Yung Life. I could hear a bit of chillwave-meets-80s-Rush in there. The RDC set went pretty well but the energy was still lacking a bit. I think it was because it was a thursday night and we went on at 11pm. Still, we sold a good bit of merch and the overall feedback was good. That evening, we were accosted by a young lady named Jenny who gave us the full tour of Williamsburg including stops at a few bars and taco trucks.

Day Two in NYC took us to the Living Room in Manhattan. It was a friday night and the lineup included two bands I really liked: Roosevelt Dime and Lily and the Parlour Tricks (The former has expressed interest in touring China!) This show was a real turning point in the tour. I feel like we have finally found our confidence playing to crowds that generally don’t know who the hell we are! Plus, the sound guy was incredible. The venue was actually a sit-down venue and there wasn’t chatter or dancing. In a way that was cool cuz we got to be very dynamic. The show was free but we got some decent donations and sold some merch. We were really happy with this show.

The next day, we set out for Philly. The Fire is an incredible venue. It is connected to a fire department (hence the name). Every 30 minutes of so, a firetruck would leave the station horns and lights ablaze. On the other side if the venue is an alleyway. The building across the street has a white facade and the venue projected “Back to the Future” on the big white wall, so some people sat outside in the warm weather drinking and watching the movie with the ambiance of bands playing  in the background. We played last at midnight and I can honestly say that we killed it! the crowd was not too huge (maybe 40) but they were enthusiastic and we sold about 16 CDs and 10 T-shirts. We actually just sold our last Twin Horizon shirt as well!

In Philly, Corayer and I ate at a restaurant called PYT. Here we had alcoholic milkshakes! One of them had peanut butter, chocolate and bacon! We also had krispie kreme sliders which as tiny bacon burgers with deep friend donuts as the bun.

Today, I sit in a hotel room near DC updating this blog. We don’t have a gig in DC, we just wanted to meet up with friends and check out the National Mall! It is Jesse’s first time on the east coast so he’s seeing all the monuments and stuff for the first time. After more than enough gluten-free beers by the pool, I am ready to pass out. See you in Richmond tomorrow! Good night!!

love, nichols

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Day 2-3: Boston to Cape Cod

Our show in Boston was great. The bartenders at Precinct said they had never seen so many people in there on a Tuesday night (70 paying customers).  We didn’t run any amps or drums through the PA (kinda like LOGO for all you shanghai people) and the stage was shaped like an “S” so we had to set up in an unfamiliar way. But there was a dedicated soundman and the crowd and bar staff were really friendly. Not a bad way to start the East Coast leg of the USA tour.

After the gig, we loaded up the mini-van and drove straight to Cape Cod, had a drink and went to sleep. This morning, we woke up, went to the beach to run and swim. It was Jesse’s first time seeing the Atlantic Ocean. The Cape is beautiful and our host (Judy) is very accommodating with a fridge full of beer and Whip Cream Liqueur. Tonight we eat lobster, clams and beer. Tomorrow, Brooklyn (facebook event).

Love, Nichols





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USA Tour – Day 1: Arrived in Boston

After three incredible performances in Texas followed by a week off visiting our hometowns, we have arrived in Boston to kickoff the biggest leg of the USA tour. Corayer, Ford and I are spending the day at Corayer’s childhood home in Brockton, Massachusetts grilling burgers and rehearsing in the garage. Tonight we pick up Jesse from the airport and tomorrow night we play at the Precinct in Somerville (facebook event here). Here are some pics:

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Arrived in Austin!

Hey everyone!

We’ve all arrived in Austin, met up with our friends from The Noise Revival Orchestra, and downed a few pints of Shiner.  We’re excited about our show this Friday, July 6th at Lambert’s along with The Noise Revival Orchestra and The Preservation.

On Saturday we’ll be heading down to San Antonio with the Noise Revival Orchestra to play at Limelight, then returning to Austin on Sunday to play a set for KVRX 91.7FM’s Local Live show at 10pm.

More updates coming soon!

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USA Tour and Kickstarter / 美国巡回和筹款

Hello Rainbow Boys and Danger Girls,

We are pleased to announce our USA tour. Take a look at the poster (thanks to twinhorizon.com for the original “Bowler Hat Guy” image!):

If for some reason you can’t see the image, just go to our tour page


Also, Mike C. has launched our Kickstarter campaign to try to actually pay for the tour. So if you’d like to help us out or just see a funny picture of us, please contribute to our kickstarter project.

Here’s a blurb from that campaign:

“This is an independently organized tour. No record label, no manager, nothing but the support of our fans to bring our music (and ourselves) half-way around the world. Our project goal won’t come close to covering our costs, but we’re dedicated to sharing music, meeting new bands and new fans along the way, and helping more people see what’s going on in the music scene in China. Every dollar you give will help us with our travel costs and any money raised beyond the tour costs will go towards producing our second full-length album.

We hope that our tour can help spread interest in the Chinese music scene and inspire other China-based bands to perform, record, and tour outside of China. Help show them it’s possible by contributing and supporting independent music.”


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USA tour dates UPDATE / 更新:美国巡回

Here is a list of all our confirmed dates for the summer 2012 USA tour:

Friday, July 6: Austin (Lambert’s)
Saturday, July 7: San Antonio (Limelight)
Sunday, July 8: Austin (KVRX Live – radio performance)
Tuesday, July 17: Boston/Somerville (Arc-en-ciel Bike Studio – acoustic show)
Thursday July 19: Brooklyn (Spike Hill)
Friday July 20: Manhattan (The Living Room)
Saturday July 21: Philadelphia (The Fire)
Tuesday July 24: Richmond (The Camel)
Thursday July 26: Chapel Hill (The Cave)
Friday July 27: Columbia (New Brookland Tavern)
Saturday July 28: Charlotte (The Evening Muse)
Wednesday Aug 1: Chicago (The Whistler)
Saturday Aug 4: Sioux Falls (Boonies BBQ)

We will be in these cities on these dates and will be confirming soon!
Friday Aug 3: Milwaukee TBA

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Texas, here we come! / 德州我们来了!


We are happy to announce that we have started booking our summer USA tour and our first stop is Texas. We’ll be here:

Friday, July 6th: Austin
Saturday, July 7th: San Antonio
Sunday, July 8th: Austin (KVRX Live Studio Performance)

After that we’ll be doing the Northeast and making our way down to the Dirty South then back up to the Midwest before heading back to China in late august. Here’s one more date for you:

Friday, July 27th: Columbia, SC (New Brookland Tavern)

More dates will follow.

This is completely DIY, self-funded effort, so we can use all the help we can get. If you want to see RDC come to your town, give us an email at rainbowdanger[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks a lot!

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Four more (china) gigs / 四场音乐会

As we get ready for a summer in the USA, we have four booked Mainland gigs for 2012:

March 24th: Shanghai Showcase Part 2* at 2 Kolegas (Beijing) w/ Friend or Foe, Fuzzy Mood
April 21st: Pic Nic Festival at Yuyintang (Shanghai)
May 1st: Modern Sky Strawberry Festival, Expo Park (Shanghai) w/ lots of bands, sunshine
May 18th: Yuyintang (Shanghai) w/ The Noise Revival Orchestra (from Austin, TX)

*In conjunction with RDC’s first proper Beijing show on Saturday, March 24th, Death to Giants (featuring Nichols of RDC and Ivan of Moon Tyrant on Drums, plus special guests) will play Friday, March 23rd in Beijing, venue TBD. Alternately, Shanghai Showcase Part 1 featuring electronic acts ROM and AM444 will be performing on the same night at 2 Kolegas. So, if you live in Beijing but want your Shanghai fix, be sure to catch the Saturday show at 2 Kolegas and at least one show on Friday night too!

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Free LIVE tracks and new song / 免费的现场录音和新曲

LIVE in Shanghai is RDC’s third official release. It is available for free (pay what you want). Download it here: http://rainbowdangerclub.bandcamp.com/album/live-in-shanghai

This live album is from a live performance on Saturday, November 12th, 2011 at Yuyintang in Shanghai. It was in support of Friend or Foe’s CD release. It is brought to you free of charge with all mistakes intact.

The album includes one never-before-released song called “The Other Side of Forever.” Listen the whole way through that song for a little extra bonus material. You’ll get an idea how it has developed over time.


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