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“While the stories told in Rainbow Danger Club’s songs are often fantastical, they remain emotionally grounded and relatable; never more so than on Souvenirs.” – Time Out Shanghai 2013

“[Souvenirs]  elicits a strange feeling, like a memory of the future. There are worlds within worlds trapped inside the plastic cases and binary codes that house the band’s output. The debut, 2011’s Where Maps End, last winter’s Into the Cellar EP, and now Souvenirs represent a cyclical mythology with recurring themes. The threads run everywhere and it’s up to you, Dear Listener, to weave the astronaut’s afghan.” – Zack Smith, June 2013

“Rainbow Danger Club is unapologically grandiose in their sound and performances.” – wooozy.cn 2012

Rainbow Danger Club’s live shows are unfailingly entertaining and [The New Atlantis EP] displayed ability for combining experimental rock instrumentation with catchy indie hooks and imaginative lyrics to great effect.” -Time Out Shanghai, March 2011

RDC has gone beyond the norm, crafting a seamless sonic collage of lush vocal melodies, reverb-laden guitars, atmospheric synths, and understated rhythms for Where Maps End, resulting in what is surely the most sophisticated release from a Shanghai band in the last four years.” -The Beat (City Weekend), March 2011

[Where Maps End’s] epic tracks, “Live on in Photographs,” “Neighbors on the Rooftops,” and “Babies Grow on Trees,” are simply too good to not be experienced first-hand.” -CNNgo, March 2011

With riveting, epic melodies that soar and patter along majestically, the Rainbow Danger Club manages to effortlessly skirt the line between beauty and ugliness, light and dark, innocence and depravity. One of the greatest bands to emerge from the Shanghai music scene lately, they never cease to amaze audiences with their grandiose musicality and adeptness at crafting songs that don’t seem to leave your head.”  -The Guardian (UK), December 2010


Rainbow Danger Club is Jesse Munson on guitar, piano, vocals, and lead song-writing, Dennis Ming Nichols on bass, guitar, banjo, trombone, vocals, lead production and arrangements, Micheal Corayer on trumpet, organ, synths, percussion and backing vocals, Micheal Ford on drums and Todd St. Amand on cello. All five members of RDC met as schoolteachers at a high school in Shanghai, China. Sharing a love of progressive and pop music, Munson and Nichols started writing experimental music as a drum and bass guitar duo in Munson’s kitchen in 2009. At the same time, they were playing in a fake jazz/pop trio alongside Micheal Corayer on trumpet performing bebop covers of Britney Spears and John Denver. Eventually, they recruited Micheal Ford on drums and Munson moved to a more familiar position as guitarist. Rainbow Danger Club was officially formed.

Since the 2010 release of their debut EP, The New Atlantis, RDC has been wowing Chinese and international music fans. They are defined by their smart songwriting, lush arrangements, fantastical lyrics and theatrical live shows. With the release of 2011’s full-length Where Maps End, Rainbow Danger Club established themselves at the forefront of a new generation of rock coming out of Shanghai. The newest full-length release, 2013’s Souvenirs, defines a major evolution in both songwriting and production value. Rainbow Danger Club has gathered both a dedicated fan following across China and the world, as well as glowing reviews in the Guardian (UK), CNNgo, MTViggy and several Chinese publications.

The full-length albums Souvenirs and Where Maps End showcase the band’s penchant for epic storytelling in their lyrics and baroque production values. Both albums were recorded with limited means (with damaged microphones, on broken multi-track recorders and handheld zoom recorders,  in kitchens and school hallways) that contribute to its intimate, warm, spontaneous yet lush sound.

Rainbow Danger Club has played 4 major festivals in China including Modern Sky’s Strawberry Music Festival and the Black Rabbit Festival, toured domestically to cities Beijing, Wuhan, and Hangzhou, and opened for or toured with international acts visiting China including the French Horn Rebellion, Lymbyc System and The Black Atlantic. In 2012, they completed a 15-city tour of the United States. The 2012 live release of  KVRX presents: Rainbow Danger Club, a live radio broadcast from Austin, Texas, documents the live adaptations of their songs and features members of the Austin-based band The Noise Revival Orchestra.




























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