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Goodbye Shanghai / Listen to a New Song

On Saturday, we will throw a big party to close a significant chapter in our lives. We will say “Goodbye Shanghai!” The event will include 17 bands, visual artists and food…basically its a carnival ending with the last Shanghai performance (?) of Rainbow Danger Club.

For all the up-to-date details, go here:

We’ve also planted a nice goodbye message to China right here:

Here’s a relevant excerpt:

The album Souvenirs is exactly what its name implies and much more. It is a parting gift to ourselves and our generation of Shanghailanders. Though we are leaving, all our studio albums are dense with secret messages, inside jokes, suggestive whispered words, personal histories, dreams, and other “Easter eggs” for you guys to uncover and interpret for as long as you want. Listen to remember or listen to discover, dou keyi!

If you haven’t downloaded Souvenirs already, get it now!

But that’s not all. We have one last surprise: a one-off, just-for-fun single called “Ironic T-shirt.” It’s a parting shot of our band of gentlemen who’ve spent the majority of our Shanghai existence chained to our instruments, falling asleep at mixing consoles, and sweating the night away in dingy haunts.

You can download “Ironic T-shirt” for free or name-your-price here:

Thank you Shanghai and the rest of the world for all the memories. This may be the end or it may be a new beginning. But one thing is for sure, it will ever be the same again and that is a heartbreaking and beautiful thing!


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