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New EP is released / 新EP专辑!!! 今天发布了

Ni Howdy,

We have released our third studio album, Into the Cellar EP. It is now available for free on our bandcamp page. It is free or name-your-price with all donations this month going towards our Movember efforts. Extra Special thanks to Todd St. Amand, George Wyndam, Vince Pierce, Adam Gaensler and Chou Sichang for donating your talents towards getting this album produced.

We aren’t the only Shanghailanders with new music. This week The Fever Machine and Friend or Foe have both released new albums so check them out if you are interested in other Shanghai indie bands.

Be sure to catch RDC at Yuyintang this Friday: http://www.douban.com/event/17760269/

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