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Day 19-20: Sioux Falls

The only thing in the 430 km between Minneapolis, Minnesota to Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a few small towns and 400 billion ears of corn. Though gorgeous and quaint, I could imagine growing up in flat, farm country would make you want to explore the mountains, oceans and cities of the world. Makes sense because this is Jesse’s stomping grounds and Sioux Falls is his hometown show. We set out early for the drive stopping only to eat at a cowboy-themed pizza/fried chicken buffet somewhere in Minnesota. We met our Sioux Falls host Jan at her home. Jan is Jesse’s mom and the most avid reader of this blog. Hi Jan! Jan went all out. She hooked us up with a suite in her apartment building, stocked the fridge with beer and a veggie plate and even ordered us the Sioux Falls famous Keg Chicken for dinner!

That night we stopped by Last Stop Record Shop to drop off our CDs and buy some used disc golf discs before heading to the venue to unload the equipment. We arrived at Boonies Bar and BBQ to find it was a bit of a biker bar. But walking inside, we found a really great stage, sound system and friendly soundguy. Our show that night was technically the best show we’ve ever played, plus the energy was extremely high in the room! It was a redeeming after such a bad experience the night before. Folks from as far as Vermillion and Des Moines (thanks Steve!) drove out to Sioux Falls for the show. Plus Jesse was able to reconnect with a lot of his old high school and college buddies who made it to the show. We sold lots of merch and handed out tons of download cards. It was a success, no doubt. Around 2am, the four of us retired to our suite and cheered the end of a great tour with my new favorite Bourbon.

The next day, we met with one of Jesse’s friend to play a round of disc golf then headed to Jesse’s twin sister’s house for a cookout. Jesse’s twin, Jenny, has a really nice house in the middle of nowhere with a pool, hot-tub, 3 kids, and 2 black labs. By the end of the day, the kids were in love with Uncle Ford and the dogs were in love with Uncle Nichols. One of the best memories of the trip was the four members of RDC sitting in the hot tub drinking and watching Office Space. Can’t think of a better way to end the tour. Thank you everyone in South Dakota for your hospitality and company. We hope to see you again soon.

love, Nichols

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