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Day 18: Minneapolis

Every tour must have a “worst show.” For us, that show was probably the Minneapolis gig. Sound quality at this venue was not very good. We got tons of feedback from the guitar amp microphone (never once happened before on the tour) and the sound guy never seemed to get it figured out or even come to the stage to adjust it. Also, the show was poorly attended. I think that had mostly to do with the huge thunderstorm hitting southern Minnesota. A large mass of people there to see the opening band left during our second song, “Neighbors on the Rooftop.” I learned later that this was the time when severe thunderstorm/tornado warnings were popping up on the bar TV and on smartphones. That made me feel a little better. I knew “Neighbors” wasn’t THAT bad of a song. At the end of the set, we had 6 people (4 of which were our friends).

At the same time, WE dropped the ball too. Still riding the energy from the night before in Madison, we were shocked by the poor sound quality and the audience members leaving in the middle (remember, we had no idea there was a thunderstorm warning). Rule number 1 in touring is to play with the same energy for 2 people that you would play for 2,000 people. We didn’t do that. So we share in the fault.

But it wasn’t all bad. We got stormed in at the bar and had to stay there for about an hour. At this bar, the band drinks for free and the bartenders were really nice. I also got a chance to have a chat with the soundguy. Thanks to our old friend named FREE ALCOHOL it was pleasant and fun. After the storm passed and our gear was packed, we were a little too drunk to drive to the hotel so we hit the Acadia Cafe and saw some great bluegrass music. We also met some of the Twin Cities’ finest hipsters and weirdos. And Minneapolis is a pretty cool city. For one, the city is dotted with Somalian and Ethiopian restaurants. We had dinner at the Red Sea and it was simple, delicious and utensil-less. I haven’t given up on Minneapolis. In slightly different circumstances it could have been better.

love, nichols

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