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Days 15-16: Chicago

After a long road trip through the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky and the plains of Indiana, we made it to Chicago a few days before our show. Our host Jenn met us at a bar and swept us away to a yummy Korean-Mexican Restaurant called Taco Chino’s where we snacked on Kimchee Tacos and Bulgogi Burritos. The next day, Corayer, Ford and I went to Hot Doug’s for both traditional Chicago hot dogs and some not-so traditional dogs (like my Duck Sausage topped with Truffle Aioli and Foie Gras). We also dropped off some CDs at Reckless Records before having a drink in the Bucktown neighborhood. That evening we met journalist Samantha for a Rainbow Danger Club interview for the Chicagoist . We followed that up with grilling burgers and brats in Jenn’s backyard and cracking jokes with her friends till 2am.

Our show at the Whistler was just OK. We had a good crowd but most people were there to do some Wednesday night drinking, not to see live music. We didn’t sell too much merch. We did however have a small contingent of folks who used to live in Shanghai come out to the gig. It was a pleasure to play with super-nice Chicago group LABORS. Depressed Midwestern Folk Pop with a gritty edge. Band of Horses meets Hank Williams III. The Whistler isn’t a dedicated music venue but a cocktail bar with a tall ceiling and a raised stage. Despite a soundcheck a few hours before the show, we all had a hard time hearing vocals and trumpet. Two audience members complained of a wash of mids like you would hear at a warehouse party. Despite the less-than-stellar sound quality of the venue, the cocktails were phenomenal and the staff was helpful and well-organized. Thanks Billy for your help!

Love, Nichols

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