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Reviews of Where Maps End & News / 文章和新闻

RDC at Where Maps End CD Release Party
RDC at Where Maps End CD Release Party

“If you don’t know RDC yet, pay attention! This is the type of band that you could travel halfway across the world and meet somebody who says, ‘That band changed my life!’… Their recent release, “Where Maps End” is the best album I’ve heard so far this year, from anywhere in the world.”- CityWeekend

“My main concern with this band is its choice of uniform and unnecessary histrionics. I can just about handle a robot gyrating around the stage but reading poetry, throwing a teddy bear about and wearing short ties and waistcoats are all serious visual crimes and only served as distractions from what was very good music indeed.” –Shanghai 24/7

您们好! It’s been one month since the release of Where Maps End and we are happy that so many people have chosen to download the album via bandcamp. Extra special thanks goes to those who kindly took our “name-your-price” model to heart and paid for the album. Your $2-$20 donations are a strong encouragement as we plug away at a new set of songs and find new ways to perform our older songs.

We have one final concert in Shanghai before a short trip to Wuhan and a long summer break of travelling and writing new material. The band members will be travelling to USA, Australia, and New Zealand. So, if you want a physical copy, shoot us an email and we might be able to arrange it.

The album is now available on iTunes and Amazon.com. However it is still available for free/name-your-price on bandcamp.

Also, here are some Where Maps End Reviews and some reviews of our CD release show which some are calling “a spectacle,” “over-the-top,” and “the best show so far this year”:

mr fossy april 2011 (album and CD release show review)
CNNgo march 2011
layabozi march 2011
wooozy march 2011 (chinese 中文)
beijing daze march 2011
city weekend march 2011
mtv iggy march 2011
shanghai 24/7  march 2011 – ivan the tyrant (CD release show review)
shanghai 24/7  march 2011 – tom hughes
come pick me up march 2011

Here are some pictures from the CD Release show. Thanks Matt Love for these!
And here’s a little video thingie from Shanghai 24/7. Enjoy! 下次见

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