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The Rainbow Danger Drum is a slut!

Caught on camera! Our beloved floor tom whoring around town! First by a local xiaolongbao chef and his dirty chopsticks. Later in the week, getting pounded by all the guys in The Black Atlantic. What a slut! Rainbow Danger Drum 筷子-ed by a 点心师 Thanks to SplitWorks, Yuyintang, and the Black Atlantic for a memorable night that our drum will […]

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“Where Maps End” available for download / 免费下载

Thank you to Pairs, Friend or Foe, Adam, VJ Tina, Stego? Alicia, Asbury and all those who came out to support RDC’s CD release. It might have been the most fun show we have ever played. Now, everyone can download the new album, Where Maps End, from our bandcamp page. It is set up as […]

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Simon Cowell sings RDC’s praises

“Any rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow‘ has the bad luck of being compared to so many wonderful versions. It’s a dangerous choice, but you my dear made it your own! You got everyone clapping. There is no substitute for getting the crowd’s attention and doing something defferent. You are a very talented performer. Yes […]

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